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Rolling Grille Garage Door
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Grove City Garage Door® Inc. installs and services rolling grille garage doors. These garage doors are typically used in a parking garage setting. It is code to use a rolling grille garage door in an enclosed parking garage for ventilation reasons. Two places we have installed these garage doors at: Creekside in Gahanna and 1 East Weber in Columbus. The rolling grille garage door is on a spring loaded barrel that rolls up and down into the barrel. We typically install a Jackshaft garage door opener with this type of garage door. We can also install a keycard scanner system by LiftMaster to open the garage door or we can use a remote system with the Jackshaft opener. The jackshaft opener can hold up to 20 remotes. Additional radios can be installed along with the Jackshaft opener to allow more than 20 remotes.

For more information on the Jackshaft Commercial Opener please go to the Commercial Garage Door Opener Page.

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