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Commercial and Residential Garage Door Springs
Grove City Garage Door® Inc. installs commercial and residential garage door springs. We have the lowest prices in town for single springs and pairs of springs installed! Just give us a call for an estimate!

Commercial garage door springs range in sizes and thickness of metal. The commercial springs can go for up to 10,000 to 100,000 cycles. A cycle is when the garage door moves, so one cycle would be the garage door going up or down. We determine if a higher cycle spring is needed on a particular location. For example, on all of the Jackson Township Fire Stations we have installed 100,000 cycle springs since those garage door go up and down many times a day.

Residential garage door springs range in sizes and types. The standard spring set up is a spring or pair of springs installed above the garage door. There are also extension springs that are not commonly used but we can replace and repair the extension springs. Extension springs are located on the sides of the garage door track. The standard cycle of residential garage door springs is 10,000 cycles. We can install a higher cycle spring if the customer feels that their springs are wearing out too fast!

We DO NOT recommend any customer trying to replace garage door springs on their own. The garage door spring has a lot of tension put on the spring to assist in lifting the garage door. The garage door spring is wound with tension when the garage door technician installs the spring. A garage door spring can come unwound during an attempt to replace it and cause bodily harm. Bodily harm will occur when improper tools are used to attempt to replace a garage door spring. The cost of having a professional garage door technician replace the springs far outweigh the cost of the emergency room visit! Just give us a quick call, we can schedule an appointment, and tell you the cost of the spring replacement over the phone.
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