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Garage Door Safety
At Grove City Garage Door® Inc., we are concerned for all of our customer's safety!

How and Why are we concerned about YOUR safety?
1. Recently we have fixed garage doors that have zero safety!
2. Theives are stealing garage door remotes
3. Improperly installed safety sensors
4. Garage doors that are installed upside down
5. The open and close force settings are too high

How do WE fix these GARAGE DOOR PROBLEMS? you ask.......
1. If your safety sensors are not located at the bottom of the garage door opening your garage door IS NOT SAFE!

2. We have garage door remotes you can hook to your KEYCHAIN for optimal safety and not have to worry about theives stealing them from your car.

3. We will re-install the safety sensors to the CORRECT LOCATION to keep the garage door from coming down on a person, animal, or vehicle causing injury             or damages!

4. If we find your GARAGE DOOR has been improperly installed we will take it down and install the door properly. Water will come into the garage if the garage door is not properly installed.

5. Open and close force is how much force is on a GARAGE DOOR, if the force is set too high the door will not stop. We will reset the the settings which will also save the opener from wearing out too soon.

How safe is your garage door?
-Is your garage door opener older than 1992?
-If your garage door opener was installed before 1992, there are              NO SAFETY SENSORS on your garage door.

-SAFETY SENSORS stop the garage door from coming down on people, animals, and vehicles. When should your replace your opener?
-You should replace your opener if it is older than 1992
-Older openers are loud vs. new openers are quieter
-New openers have battery backup in case the power goes out
-New openers are more energy efficient

This garage door opener had the SAFETY SENSORS installed on top of the opener>>

How can the safety sensors do their job on top of the opener??
Have you searched for garage door spring repairs and considered fixing it yourself?
-DO NOT ATTEMPT to fix a garage door spring yourself! WHY?
-Garage door springs have an extreme amount of tension on them         and require proper tools to relive tension for replacement
-The garage door spring could cause SERIOUS injury or death if            not properly repaired

Other signs of garage door safety concerns:
-Wood garage doors rotting
-You should replace the door
-Steel garage doors with cracks in the panels
-You should replace the door
These doors could collapse and fall out of the tracks!
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